The Adult Program, ages 12 and up, is a combination of Tang Soo Do, a Korean Martial Art, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, A Brazilian martial Art, and Krav maga, an Israeli Self-Defense Martial Art. We combine each art in a way that gives the student a well rounded Martial Art and realistic modern day self-defense capability.

We teach students that the Best Defense is not to have to defend yourself in the first place. WALK AWAY, if you can is the best way, but sometimes you are not able to walk away! We teach students WHEN YOU CAN’T WALK AWAY, to do just enough to get away and keep yourself and others with you safe and out of legal trouble.

We have fun while training and keep the emphases on SAFETY. This program could very well be the best money you have ever spent in your whole life. Your Goal should be Black Belt and like anything else worthwhile in life, it requires dedication, effort and yes, Sweat!  Come in and see what you’re missing.