Sarah Poe 2nd Dan

Assistant Instructor

Sarah Poe has been training for almost 10 years and has attained the position of Assistant Instructor.

Mr. Gene Vining 6th Dan

Mr. Gene Vining 6th Dan
CEO/Master Instructor

Mr. Vining has spent the last 30 years studying and researching the martial arts. He has trained under some of the worlds most famous Grand Masters and is experienced in all phases of teaching not only adults, but is an expert in children’s training as well. Mr. Vining’s goal is to spread the Martial Arts teaching philosophies to the younger generation and thus pass on the traditional values of Respect, Discipline, Love of God and country and Moral goodness. Mr Vining believes that through the martial Arts he can make a positive contribution to society and families who need help with the lack of respect and discipline that kids seems to have today. We are not a “Belt Factory” states Mr. Vining. You will have to earn every belt here. He also states that a Family environment is what we offer and we treat every child to adult as if they are one of our own. What better way in today’s society can you spend your money on your kids then at a Martial Arts school. Think about it, you go to the movies and spend $100 for the family and what do you get…Nothing! Better to go to a Martial Arts school as a family and Bond together and have something in common that the whole family can do.